8. Mai 2008

To the Turkish newspaper's article concerning the same subject

«The basic point: Respecting full minority rights and democracy for all!»

Remark Andreas Gross: I could write a book, because many people in both communities feel rather alone from their states and governments who like to play big games with them instead of serving there daily life’s interests.

Question: You have recently visited Imbros and Tenedos and you are aware of the situation there, I would like you to describe me your feelings about the situation of the Greek minority.

Answer: See interview with the Turkysh newspaper.

Q.: Can the Greek minority freely express its religious beliefs?

A.: Yes.

During your stay there did you see any Greek orthodox churches?

Nearly a dozen!!!

Is the Greek minority able to have finance independency and also the right to own a house?

The question is unclear. For the collective I can not answer the question. Individually they can both.

During your visit, did you feel free to wonder around, in the island or you were under Turkish supervision?

We were totally free and most of the time without any Turkish officials.

After your visit do you think that the solution lies in the paradigm of the Aland islands in the Baltic Sea?

No, the situations are today totally different. In the early 20's the Leage of Nations could have ruled in a similar way, but it was not addressed but a matter of the Lausanne Conference.

Does Turkey follow the Lausanne Treaty?

In one way yes, in an other less.

Do you believe that genocide has taken place for the Greeks in Imbros and Tenedos?

No, with this term you need to be more careful in order not to spoil it.

Do you think that the Turkish government protects the human rights of the Greek minority?

If they are Turkish citizens yes, if not, some have difficulties and we are doing our work to support them and to improve their situation.

Do you believe that Turkey should be a member of the European Union?

Yes, in 20 years, if the progress of the last 5 years continues, they should be able to become EU Member. This would have positive impacts for the whole world. But the EU needs a democratic reform and real constitution until then too.

What would be your suggestion in order to have peace in the islands?

See interview and forthcoming report. The basic point: Fulfill Human Rights for all, open bilingual schools, no obstacles for buying, renting, renovating and inheriting Houses for anybody who is able to afford them, respecting full minority rights and democracy for all!

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