15. Mai 2007

CoE -
note to editors

PACE member to visit Skopje to seek information on the circumstances
of President Trajkovski’s death

Strasbourg, 15.05.2007 - A member of the Legal Affairs Committee of the Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly will visit Skopje to seek supplementary information before deciding whether or not to recommend a thorough investigation into the circumstances surrounding the death of the former President of the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia Boris Trajkovski.

Andreas Gross (Switzerland, SOC) has been authorized by the committee to make the visit, though no date or program has been decided yet.

Twenty-one Assembly members have signed a motion requesting an investigation «to clarify the allegedly suspicious death of former President Boris Trajkovski», who died in an air crash in February 2004.

Additional clarification from ag:

Andreas Gross has the task to draw up the most important facts, the still open questions, which are not answered in a satisfying way and all the contradictions which are to be observed and considered around the death of the former present. His report and list will serve as a base for the committee and the bureau of the Assembly to decide how to go on with the Motion submitted by the MP's of the CoE.

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