30. Nov. 2005

Chechen Radio
edition Freedom


The Chechen Resistance became
a nucleus of general struggle

We bring to an attention of readers the interview of president of CHRI Abdul-Khalim Sadulaev given to the Chechen Radio edition Freedom which was held in November, 14 this year. Interview is published in translation from Chechen into Russian.

Ajubov Aslan: Northern Caucasus recently rages. About the situation which have been arranged today on Northern Caucasus, tells A.-KH. Sadulaev, who replaced the post of president of CHRI Aslan Maskhadov who was killed in March of this year. According to Sadulaev the people who have taken the weapon in hands today, are those who has not wanted to bear the cruel treatment of authorities.

A.-KH. Sadulaev: Firstly the authority did not authorize mojaheds to shoot at the Russian columns, to attack places of disposition of the Russian armies outside the Chechen Republic. Neither in Ingushetia, nor in Dagestan, nor in other any republic it was not authorized to conduct operations. Today the Russian policy (it was always such) is directed to crush severely and humiliate people. Today, listening to the Russian politicians occupying high posts, only you hear: «Destroy!», «Crush!», «Don't let him go!». Thus, they show their inhumanity and cruelty.

In spite of the fact that in the territory of other republics the fighting operations were not carried out, and Caucasian mojaheds remained in the Chechen Republic, not coming back home, Russians without any reasons began to terrorize people. They did not like beards at men and Muslim face at women, did not like mosques where people pray to the God, did not like the shops selling the Koran and the Islamic literature; Madrasah where people studied an Islam, and also the visiting by youth the websites in the Internet, speaking about an Islam.

So, for example, in Ingushetia, last year all actions of the Russian authorities were directed on destabilization of conditions in this republic where as we know, they put sexsot at the head. Terror against the population has reached such scales, that we were compelled to carry out there special action and to punish those who torture and kill people. The same happens in Dagestan. Though in Dagestan there were fighting groups, we have created the Dagestan Front, and mojaheds substantially supervise there conditions and work at it. The same we had to do both in Agat, and in Ossetia, and in Karachaevo - Circassia such work will be carried out.

But in Kabardino-Balkariya the cruelty of authorities above people has overstepped the limits and reached to that level, that in September the Russian MASS-MEDIA published the letter directed to address of Putin, under which subscribed more than 400 persons, in which they asked the president of Russia to give them freedom in creed, and if it is impossible in that case to allow them to move in any other state where it will be possible. The Russian authority had opportunity to understand then, that it was a signal to that the patience of people has run low and, that they will not bear more cruelty and injustice in relation to them. But authorities, all the time acting with appeals: «Destroy!», «Crush!», might not hear and understand these people. Therefore our Caucasian Front has carried out there the certain work. And, has successfully carried out, having punished executioners to death and having grasped as trophies lots of weapon and ammunition.

Ajubov Aslan: According to the leader Chechen warrior A.-KH. Sadulaev the crisis expanding on Northern Caucasus, began from the Chechen Republic. The Chechen Resistance, as before, will help those fighting groups of the Caucasian region which have risen against authorities, he says. The targets of attacks, as before, are remained the military units, asserts A.-KH. Sadulaev.

A.-KH. Sadulaev: In connection with conditions on Northern Caucasus which has been developed because of crisis in the Chechen Republic many peoples have adjoined us and became our brothers, and we in every possible way help and we will help them in all. And the target of our attacks there are, as before, the military units.

Ajubov Aslan: Today peoples in Russia are waking up, considers Sadulaev. Not having found other ways for struggle against the Russian policy, revolted groups become colleagues of Chechen warriors.

A.-KH. Sadulaev: Today the forces, resisting to a present Russian regime, not having found other ways of struggle against tyranny, adjoin to us, and it is the big support for us. Even among Russians more and more our brothers who, having accepted an Islam, with the weapon in hands oppose the Kremlin. And this process is being accrued.

Ajubov Aslan: For the last several years the war in the Chechen Republic has appreciably affected political and public life of Russia. Despite the numerous appeals of leaders of the free countries to the Russian government about peace settlement of the conflict in the Chechen Republic, war proceeds till now, and the end of it is not visible. After A.Mashadov's murder who always searched for the ways to the peace, this problem now has passed over A.-KH. Sadulaev. But the situation on Caucasus promptly varies and not in the best way. If till now the war has been going on only in the Chechen Republic now it has developed into the North Caucasian conflict. And taking into account these changes, the Chechen government has created new military units and structures in different directions.

A.-KH. Sadulaev: For the current day Madjlisul-Shura supervises the whole Northern Caucasus which has 6 fronts and, in total, 35 sectors. The work of each front and sector as far as possible is supervised. On each district amirs are appointed who have their naibs, and also on some fronts and districts are appointed kads (judge) and they will be appointed there where they are not present yet. But, certainly, heads of administrations in villages and prefects in areas, do not have their work go to the full, and it is - because of war. Their basic work - is the work with the population, which consists in getting the massage across the people about their cruelty of ruling authority under which oppression are all the people. And also they must help in organizing of meetings on which today people leave under their own initiative and require support. Each person who will be rescued by means of the protest is dear to us.

Ajubov Aslan: From all appointed by Sadulaev officials draws attention most of all S.Basaev who in his announcements took the responsibility for number of acts of terrorism which have been carried out in the territory of Russia for the last several years. The last from them was September, 1 in 2004 in Beslan. The consequences of this act of terrorism were awful: 330 burnt and destroyed people, 186 from whom were children - declares Sadulaev, that his government is ready to investigation of this affair by the independent international commission and ready to accept the results of this investigation.

A.-KH. Sadulaev: As we already know, there were structural changes in Government of CHRI. Many questions have arisen in connection with the decree about assignment of Shamil Basaev on a post of the head of the Military block which is my naib and chief GKO MSH CHRI - it, as a matter of fact, is the same post. And Basaev very well copes with the duties. And as for to the accusations in address of Basaev in organizing of actions in the "Nord-Ost" and Beslan, it is necessary to note that it not result of investigation of the international independent commission, and only accusations of the Russian press. And that he does not deny the participation in these actions, not becoming similar to deceitful heads of the Russian authority, it is not bad. We in the country have law and the order, and we may punish anyone who is guilty, but as we know, the person is innocent, until his blame is not proved. It is necessary to note, that Shamil has not made there any shot and has not killed any person, but all this demands careful investigation. And if the international organizations will come to the consent about joint investigation of these cases, our government will co-operate in this in every possible way.

Ajubov Aslan: In the interview of radio "Freedom" Sadulaev determined the state priorities. As he said, the policy of Ichkerja will adhere to former principles. He reckons maintenance of the peace as his main task.

A.-KH. Sadulaev: we will adhere to the same principles as earlier: peaceful disposition, reconciliation (maslaat). Thus, it is the same way which we even earlier adhered. We are always ready to reconciliation and never refused the peace, but the opponent should know, that we will answer him with his methods, and that we will not refuse from gazavat, a way leading us to the peace and freedom. And it is an overall objective of all that we do both inside the country, and beyond its limits.

Ajubov Aslan: Expressing the readiness for peace settlement, A.-KH. Sadulaev marks, that the international organizations should state a true estimation to the processes occurring on Northern Caucasus. He considers, for example, that the PACE notes only that the Russian side exposes on this process. During such state of affairs, to gather in the PACE at the round table and to discuss the war in Chechen Republic, Sadualev considers useless.

A.-KH. Sadualev: the International organizations, such as the PACE and OSCE, took active participation in the termination of the conflict and creation of the peace in the First Russian-Chechen war, and in many respects to us they have helped. But this time, I think, they consider arguments only one side - Russian. Russia, trying to leave from the responsibility and fault for lives of 250 thousand men, women and children killed by them in the Chechen Republic, began to create bandit groupings led by Akhmat Kadirov to divide Chechens, to make them enemies to each other, that refers to as "chechenization of conflict". Thus, Russians are trying to present a situation so, that the war in the Chechen Republic, supposedly, goes only between Chechens, and Chechens kill each other, and Russia is only the peacemaker in this situation. And those organizations which were worried about us in the past and tried to help us, it seems, are deceived by the Russian side.

We were asked, whether we are ready to sit down at the round table so that that we might state the position and listen to the opposite side. Yes. For negotiations we are always ready, but we disagree to participate in doll performance with which Russia usually arranges. Our people, and now other peoples of Northern Caucasus, are at war not with the followers of Kadirov (they are only agents of Russia), but we are at war with Russia which has initially created this conflict and started the war and which till now finances and continues this war. We are ready to peace settlement of the conflict but so that the interests of our country should not be infringed and also we are not going to offer them those conditions which will infringe their side.

Ajubov Aslan: Today the picture is such, that hardly ever the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe will take into account desire of A.-KH Sadulaev. Three weeks ago by the phone I had a talk with Andreas Gross who represents the PACE in the Chechen Republic, and he clearly let know, that round table will be held in a former format. As we know, the first round of round table was held in March last year. In preparation of the second round of Assembly Andreas Gross told, that in november, 27 will go to the Chechen Republic on "elections". In the meantime, the war in the Chechen Republic still proceeds, and very few people are interested in stopping its.

Andreas Gross

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