10. März 2005

The Day AZ

It's an attack against democratic Azerbaijan

How you estimate brutal murder of the journalist Eldar Huseynov?

I understand it as an attack on the process of building democracy in AZ - a process to which Eldar was committed as few others in the country. It therefore should make afraid all those others who are also engaged in this process: Other journalists, NGO activists, critical parliamentarians and future candidates to the Parliament who do not want to make any deals with the power or one of its fractions. It is an attack against democratic Azerbaijan - by some people who do not want to see democracy in AZ.

Did you know him personally?

Yes, I had the honour to meet him in December for two hours in the night after the municipal election night. He made a long interview with me, we agreed and we sometimes disagreed, I saw that he that that I would be sometimes too idealistic and still hopeful, but I appreciated enormously his personality, sincerity and dedication to our common cause, democracy and freedom for all citizens - not only the privileged ones.

Mister Gross, if the government of Azerbaijan will not execute a condition what sanctions expects Azerbaijan?

We will concentrate this year on doing everything we are able to contribute for less unfree and less unfair elections in November. The murdering of Eldar has to be seen also in this context. When we see in April - our next visit will be just before the Assembly's session - and June that our recommendations and suggestions are ignored then we will know how to react in a way that the people of AZ understand what European democrats criticize in AZ, why they do it and in which interest we are doing it. The most awful sanctions for the people of AZ would be undemocratic elections again - this we have to avoid will our peaceful means.

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