22. Nov. 2007

Bureau CoE

Trajkovski death: plane crash most likely accidental but further enquiries needed on ‘worrying’ inconsistencies

Strasbourg, 22.11.2007 – The plane crash which killed former President Boris Trajkovski and eight others in February 2004 was “most likely accidental”, but there are “worrying” inconsistencies which need further enquiry, according to the Legal Affairs Committee of the Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly (PACE).

In an information note made public today, rapporteur Andreas Gross (Switzerland, SOC) said there were possible indications of negligence on the side of the NATO-led stabilization force SFOR, which could have prompted a cover-up, and pointed to “quite worrying” questions such as the long time needed to find the wreckage and the dysfunctional black box flight-recorder.

Mr Gross said he had been struck by «numerous inconsistencies and contradictions in the official inquiry», and called for a fresh investigation by a Macedonian parliamentary committee of inquiry, with PACE involvement “to open doors” and discourage any cover-up, if needed. On the basis of Mr Gross’s findings, PACE’s Bureau is to write to the head of the parliamentary delegation of “the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia”, proposing such an enquiry. (Addition by the rapporteur: Further more Mr. Gross will continue to assist and support the investigation committee of the Parliament in Skopje by own research in Mostar, Sarajewo and the Nato headquarters, after an approval decision by the Legal Affairs Committee of the Assembly).

During a July 2007 visit, Mr Gross met the President and Prime Minister of the country, as well as the heads of the security and intelligence services, members of Mr Trajkovski’s close family and investigative journalists.

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