29. Jan. 2014

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Zum vollständigen Magnitskij-Bericht:

The Russian society needs to analyze the different stages of its history of the last 25 years

I was grateful for the CoE-debate. The extraordinary deepness and quality of the report was recognized by nearly all speakers and all groups. And most of them also understood the main message: By trying to find out what happened to Sergey Magnitzki we want to contribute to the reform of the Russian prison system, the improvement of the ethics of public servants, the business environment and the juridical system which is not independent enough, which does not protect enough the weak people and which is too much in complicity with some powerful personas within and without the state, who serve themselves instead of serving the people.

I was glad that some Russian colleagues could express themselves and they did in a way, by which they also regretted the death of Sergey Magnitzki and think that this should not have happen. Of course they showed also disagreements, but could not convince more than 15 % of the Assembly. But I had the opportunity to show them, that my sources are to 90% official documents or results of the research of independent Russian journalists. I could also show that Mr. Browder is not Russians problem. He feels co-responsible for the destiny of Sergey and wants to help that justice may be found.

At the end the debate showed also the need of the Russian society to analyze the different stages of the history of the last 25 years. If this is not done the wrongdoings and mistakes of the different periods and the actions and responsibilities of different economic and political actors can neither be understood, nor any right consequences be developed.

I am grateful that also the Russians colleagues showed their will to continue to cooperate with the Council of Europe. When this is really done also by the Russian authorities and its institutions justice can be made to the family of Sergei Magnitzki and sanctions towards those responsible for his death can be prevented. I would prefer that this might happen and that no western parliament has to come back to the questions of sanctions against Russia.

It was an enormous work we accomplished. But it was a work by which we tried to serve the interest of the biggest part of the Russian people. I do hope that they will see this and will profit from it.

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